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great flavour and is also incredibly versatile

The product gets its fantastic flavour by combining the complex taste of the sprout
with the mild, sweet 'nutty' taste of the kale.

The result is a vegetable which has not only a great flavour but is also incredibly versatile
and can be cooked in a variety of ways; in fact the Flower Sprout may well be one of the
most versatile vegetables out there!

This new British vegetable was launched into select retailers in January 2010

It's strong enough to cope with the rigours of stir frying whilst delicate enough to be
delicious after just a simple steaming.

This new British vegetable was launched by Marks and Spencer in January 2010 and
has returned to their shelves every winter ever since. Flower Sprout® is a true seasonal vegetable; it can't be grown in summer so you will only ever find it in on sale from
November until March.

Of course the great thing about a new vegetable is discovering the fantastic range of ways
it can be used. Take a look at the recipes created by the respected development chef
Mal Fry for some inspiration. Or why not send us your recipe ideas; any recipes we like
will win a vegetable cookbook.

The Flower Sprout® is a brand new vegetable featuring a small green and purple
sprout with curly leaves. The Flower Sprout® is a cross between two real 'Superfoods', Brussels sprouts and British kale.

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